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Romano will retire in a few months’ time. He is a grandpa and therefore he has immediately said “yes” when asked about joining the Italiantoy® Project. He loved the idea of doing something beautiful for kids at Eidos – the company he is partner of.
Manuel is a thirty-something young man and is the manager of the company Morresi – together with his sister. She’s the tough one: sometimes clients won’t pay and you have to discuss a lot. He loves new projects and unexpected customers. This is why he grew fond of Italiantoy®: an entirely Italian-made project with a 100% Italian supply chain was a wonderful idea to him.
Stefano hasn’t turned forty yet. He works from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily – I can assure you, I can see it with my eyes every day. He had never made any toys in his life before, but when he saw Sonia Di he said we could do it. He loves experimenting with materials, getting machines working properly, putting great care in finishing.
Denis preserves the mysteries of time at Pesaris, Prato Carnico in the province of Udine: wonderful mountains where people have earned their living building clocks for over a century. There is no market for clocks now, but he can still play around with mechanisms. And kids could learn to appreciate time thanks to his work.
Michele and Alessandro are also known as the Leita brothers: they play, fix, plan and build instruments. In Carnia – in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region – they are known as “the Mozartina guys”.
They had never thought about making musical instrument for kids…until they met Italiantoy®.

It is more than “made in Italy”.
These toys are made in Modena, Pesaro, Macerata, Udine. They are Italiantoy(s) because they can and will tell about a hard-working Italy, experimenting new ways and recklessly falling in love with a crazy idea.

Il negozio di Italiantoy è chiuso per manutenzione.
Nel frattempo, i nostri giochi possono essere acquistati attraverso il sito di Borgione – anche con la carta del docente!