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177 transparent printed cards

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Designed by Simona Balmelli graphic designer and atelierista using the Metodo Bruno Munari®

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Between image and imagination

The game is a tribute to the Swiss designer Max Huber, a prominent figure in advertising graphics, who in Italy signed jobs for Einaudi, La Rinascente, Italian Radio and Television, Feltrinelli, Olivetti … and won the Compasso d’Oro Award in 1954 .
In the box, you find 11 compositions (21×21 cm): find out how they were obtained, which cards and by what rules. You can also challenge friends and relatives: distribute in equal number the compositions (eg. two each player and 3 left at the “counter” if you play in 5), take one card at a time and position it on the right composition. The first that composes the whole picture wins. Or you can use them as a deck of cards, placing them at the center of the table: in turn, each player picks up a card and tries to create a new visual composition. It will take a lot of irony to create the most unexpected picture.

– 177 transparent printed cards (7×7 cm)
– 11 compositions (21×21 cm)

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 3 × 33.5 cm
Box Contents

177 transparent printed cards (7×7 cm) – 11 compositions (21×21 cm)

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