Laila Bint


28 large-format stencil on Arabic alphabet

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Designed by Hassan Musa calligrapher and artist

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Calligraphic Abecedary

28 large format stencils to play with images and discover the alphabet of a thousand-year-old culture. Play with the signs that become drawings and then stories: follow the whale, take flight with the swan, be careful of the fire… hide in the pyramid as in the time of the Egyptians. Hassan Musa, an African artist who lives in France, an expert calligrapher, created the first drawings inspired by the letters of the Arabic alphabet. You can play the same way: you can print (using a roller, a sponge, temper colors), you can go over the edges with felt-tip pens (or only with black) and you will find an unfinished drawing on the sheet: what does it remind you of? How can you complete it?
Laila bint Abdullah Abdshamis was the founder of the first medical school and taught to write to women. She played a leading role in the history of Arabic calligraphy.

– 28 stencil (21×17,5 cm)
– 1 artist’s book (24×24 cm)

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Dimensions 33.5 × 2 × 33.5 cm

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