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Designed by Simona Balmelli graphic designer and atelierist Metodo Bruno Munari®

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Make up images for an artist’s book

One shape may be round, square or irregular. It may look like a triangle and bring to mind the clown’s hat, a tepee of an Indian, or the fin of a threatening shark. If you look at it upside down, you could remember the cone of an ice cream or the beard of a certain unusual Lord of Rome. And if you look at it from the right or left?
Imagination and fantasy are characteristics of Gei Arp and thanks to creativity innumerable combinations are possible. Transparency gives you additional possibilities of play, by overlapping and matching shapes. With the black marker you can connect, exchange, remove and add shapes and designs to create a different design each time.
Jean Arp, an artist and inventor of new forms in figurative art, inspired Gei Arp, a game of thousands of variables to be enjoyed alone or as a group.

– 40 cards (12×12 cm)
– 15 cards (6×6 cm)
– 1 erasable black marker
– 2 stencil (21×17,5 cm)
– 1 artist’s book (24×24 cm)

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Dimensions 33.5 × 2 × 33.5 cm

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