Our mission

Experiencing a new world, new materials, new techniques. Discovering ourselves, our creativity, our curiosity. Playing, experimenting, creating, manufacturing and destroying, thinking, making projects, starting all over again. Getting to know poetry, breathing astonishment, recognizing wonder. It’s a very slow world. We would like to call children by name. Lorenzo, Marco, Emma, Ale… We can not think of them as a simple target group. We can only ask ourselves how to give them the best, in a smart way.

We believe in stories

The world is too beautiful for its story – and history – not to be told. Our toys embody the history of craftsmen, materials, nearby and faraway countries. Each toy evokes something beautiful, from Bruno Munari to North Eastern Indian paintings, from Canaletto to Brazilian social incubators. We are made of our emotions and we would like our toys to touch the souls of adults and children alike. This is the only way to give meaning to what we do. It is a convergence of different points of view. A silent dialogue led by the toys we make. We can play with you, if you want, to establish a new relationship. Workshops, ideas and materials to share and download from our website, special projects aimed at taking part in your life, helping you, understanding what you have in mind and you would like to improve or change.

We believe in Europe

Europe is one of the most beautiful stories people can write. We believe in it. Europe is an example to the world for its beauty, its ability to take care of everyone, to work in team to start all over again, to innovate, to create. And if necessary, to slow down the pace to improve. An incubator of ideas and precious clues.

We believe in Italy

Italy is brilliance. In the work of craftsmen. In the ability to provide solutions. In a glass of good wine to celebrate an important, successful experience. Because it is not only a matter of business. It is a picture of ourselves, the safe illusion that the world can be changed. Our toys are made in Italy, designed between Genoa, Bergamo, Padua and Rimini, and manufactured in Modena. From materials that are certified and environmentally friendly. The objects you are holding in your hands are pieces of a country that you might love.

Download “What do we believe in” in italian (scarica il “In cosa crediamo” in italiano)

  • Afilii – design fit for kids

  • Afilii – design fit for kids

  • Afilii – design fit for kids
  • Blickfang

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