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Our toys are inspired by great Italian personalities: Alberto Manzi, Mario Lodi, Bruno Munari, Maria Montessori. Children need to collect experiences and information about the world; they are entitled to experiment, classify and create. Playing is a serious activity enabling them to understand the reality they live in. Making and unmaking is our slogan. Children’s project-oriented thinking is fostered by materials that can be explored first and that can make it possible for children to make something real in an increasingly more precise way. Materials must be able to make children analyse, correct and obtain a good final result and learn.

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These are the didactic goals Italiantoy toys can help attain:

  • foster storytelling;
  • experiment light and (coloured) shadows;
  • discover artistic techniques: frottage, xylography;
  • learn to classify and make sense of sets and subsets;
  • discover geometry through senses and arts;
  • work on three-dimensionality;
  • acquire one’s home as an abstract and represented space;
  • learn to compose based on abstraction until a rule is set;
  • discover nature: trees, branches, rinds, insects, flowers;
  • foster memorization of basic mathematical operations;
  • develop logical and strategic thinking;
  • develop project-oriented and creative thinking;
  • develop language;
  • learn gentleness and respect;
  • find rules and sharing them;
  • image education;
  • create installations to learn in immersive environments;
  • experiment boundaries and grasp the opportunities they offer;
  • refine gestures and manual attitudes;
  • Learn to select, compose, re-do: what matters is the path, not the result.

Schools can request materials, specifying:

– “Discover nature” kit.
– “Image education” kit.
– “Tell me a story” kit.
– “Geometry and mathematics, such a big love” kit.
– “Ancient techniques for making and thinking” kit.
– “Space and light” kit.
– “My installation” kit.

Every kit contains materials for up to 30 children to work simultaneously. Every school can customise kits based on their planned didactic programmes.
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