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Our toys are developed based on a very long workshop experience. Studying master Manzi’s work constantly, the master class on Bruno Munari’s Method, many morning hours spent in schools for 20 years (and still today) with teachers and educators made us feel the urge to plan and make beautiful materials for children. People working in ateliers have specific requirements, such as arranging materials so that they can call to action, play, storytelling. In this section you will find some ideas to create your own workshops – while improving ours.

If you are interested in the topic “discover nature”, you can request a “frottage case”.
If you work in a museum and you are looking for materials to work on how to set up exhibitions and how to create some storytelling based on objects, you can request our “travelling gallery”.
If you are interested in image education, the “making and unmaking case” can be useful for you.
If you love telling stories and get people tell their own, we can offer you the “storytelling case”.

Contact us at to customise your very own “valigia Italiantoy® case”.

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