• Il nostro progetto

    Experiencing a new world, new materials, new techniques. Discovering ourselves, our creativity, our curiosity.
  • Italiantoy può

    Design a toy with you based on an idea you would like to develop, an inspiration you have or an artwork from a collection ...
  • Sei un atelierista?

    Our toys are developed based on a very long workshop experience. Studying master Manzi’s work constantly, the master class on Bruno Munari’s Method, many morning hours spent in schools ...
  • Per le scuole

    Our toys are inspired by great Italian personalities: Alberto Manzi, Mario Lodi, Bruno Munari, Maria Montessori. Children need to collect experiences and information about the world ...
  • Laboratori per bambini

    We worked with children since 1998 in our region in the north of Italy: Emilia Romagna. We are specialized in media education, art education, we work with museums and cultural institutions, schools and extra-schools.
  • Quando i musei giocano

    If museums are “places of uniqueness”, i.e. environments where an atmosphere of solemnity dominates, can play be allowed to get in and cause disorder?
  • Italiantoy a Berlino

    Thanks to a regional project we have the possibility to work with german cultural institutions until juin 2015. We hope to find good collaborations.
  • ValoreLavoro

    These toys are made in Modena, Pesaro, Macerata, Udine. They are Italiantoy(s) because they can and will tell about a hard-working Italy, experimenting new ways and recklessly falling in love with a crazy idea.
  • Rivenditori

    If you are interested in becoming a Italiantoy reseller we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here