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Designed by Calembour.

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Playing and drawing with shadows

Awilda was the first pirate woman and seems to have lived in the 5th century. She was the daughter of a Scandinavian king who arranged for her to marriage the hereditary prince of Denmark, Alf.
She rebelled and, along with other women, disguised as a sailor and left with a ship to the Baltic Sea. Her crew became known and feared throughout Scandinavia. The king of Denmark had to face her at sea and sent his best men, led by his son Alf. The two fought faithfully and courageously and the story tells that they ended up falling in love.
But maybe it’s just a legend.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 33.5 x 3 x 33.5 cm
Box Contents

– 2 characters to choose between Awilda Wik (12×0,2×5,7 cm) and Drakkar Wik (12×0,2×15 cm); Froda Wik (12×0,2×6 cm) and Dragon (12×0,2×7,4 cm); Alf Wik (12×0,2×6,5 cm) and Carp (12×0,2×7,2 cm); Nina Wik (12×0,2×11,8 cm) and Sailor (12×0,2×6,2 cm); Horse (11×0,2×11,5 cm) and Sailor (12×0,2×6,2 cm)
– 2 masks
– A poster
– 1 flyer with Agnese Baruzzi’s illustration and other drawings to color
– Cardboard animals to implement the scenery

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